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本文摘要:Lets say the definition of PC is the same one we applied five years ago, before tablets.首先具体一下,我们在本文中使用五年前的个人电脑(PC)定义,也就是平板电脑经常出现之前。


Lets say the definition of PC is the same one we applied five years ago, before tablets.首先具体一下,我们在本文中使用五年前的个人电脑(PC)定义,也就是平板电脑经常出现之前。By that definition, the market seems to be collapsing.按照这样的定义,PC市场或许正在暴跌。

Shipments of PCs in the first quarter fell by 13.9% from the same quarter in 2012. The forecast decline had been 7.7%, according to International Data Corp.s Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker. That makes the worst quarter ever tracked by IDC, which started issuing the reports in 1994.美国国际数据公司(IDC)获取的全球PC市场季度追踪数据表明,今年第一季度PC发货量比上年同期上升了13.9%,而此前预测的降幅为7.7%。这是1994年该公司开始公布涉及数据以来PC市场展现出最好的一个季度。Mini Notebooks saw the biggest decline on the low end, but the whole market was affected by what IDC calls weak reception for Windows 8, Microsofts (MSFT) answer to the rise of the tablet. The operating system that incorporates elements of tablet OSs not only failed to provide a positive boost to the PC market but appears to have slowed the market, said IDCs Bob ODonnell, in a statement. He said Windows 8 is just too radical a departure from what consumers have come to expect from Windows, and too expensive.低端迷你笔记本电脑的发货量跌幅仅次于,但IDC指出,影响整个PC市场的是“Windows 8遇冷”。


微软公司(Microsoft)发售这款产品的目的是适应环境平板电脑的兴起。IDC副总裁鲍勃?奥康奈在一份公告中认为,Windows 8统合了平板电脑操作系统的一些因素,但“它不仅没给PC市场带给动力,看上去还妨碍了PC市场的快速增长。”他认为,Windows 8不仅过分背离消费者对Windows操作系统的预期,而且价格过低。

The OS has made PCs a less attractive alternative to dedicated tablets and other competitive devices.Windows 8使“PC出了平板电脑及其他同类产品的一个缺少吸引力的替代品”。The numbers tell the tale. Hewlett-Packard (HPQ) still leads the market, but its worldwide shipments fell by a breathtaking 23% from the first quarter of 2012. U.S. shipments fell by about the same rate. Dell (DELL) saw declines of 10% globally and 14% in the United States. About the only good news came from Lenovo (LNVGY), where worldwide shipments remained flat, though growth in the U.S. was in the double digits.数字最能解释情况。惠普(Hewlett-Packard)仍是PC市场龙头,但今年第一季度该公司全球PC发货量同比上升了23%,降幅之大令人咋舌。

戴尔(Dell)的全球发货量和美国发货量分别增加了10%和14%。唯一的“好”消息来自误解(Lenovo),它的全球发货量和上年同期持平,美国市场发货量构建了两位数的快速增长。The difference for Lenovo, says Ars Technicas Andrew Cunningham, is that consumers believe it to be a solid and reliable supplier of quality PCs, while HP and Dell are both struggling. Dell is in the midst of a restructuring that will take the company private and make it more of a services firm than a hardware company -- similar to what IBM (IBM) did, culminating in the 2005 sale of its PC business to Lenovo. Consumers and businesses are going to notice and respond when your company acts like it might pull out of the PC market, Cunningham concludes. And Lenovo isnt acting that way.科技新闻与信息网站Ars Technica撰稿人安德鲁?坎宁安指出,误解的不同之处在于消费者指出它平稳而可信,生产优质PC,而惠普和戴尔则皆已陷入困境。戴尔正在展开的私有化重组不会让它更好地沦为服务供应商,而非硬件制造商——这和IBM曾多次的作法异曲同工,后者最后在2005年将PC业务出让给了误解。


坎宁安的结论是:“如果一家公司的所作所为指出它有可能解散PC市场,消费者和其他企业就不会注意到这一点,同时采取相应的行动。”Still, with the overall market falling at such a rate, it seems clear that PCs are becoming mainly office-only devices now that people can meet most of their personal-computing needs -- like interacting with people, reading news stories, and watching videos -- on tablets and phones.不过,鉴于整个PC市场滑坡的速度如此之慢,有一点显然很显著,那就是PC基本上正在沦为一种纯粹的办公设备。




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